Brad Chapin LCP, LMLP

Brad Chapin is a Masters Level Psychologist, Nationally Recognized Speaker, Author of  multiple publications including Helping Young People Learn Self-Regulation, Helping Teens Learn Self-Regulation and The Legend of the Regulators and the Secret List. He is also the creator of the Challenge Software Program for children. Professionally, he has served as the Director for Children's Services at Horizons Mental Health Center and is currently the Director of Clinical Services for Stormont-Vail Behavioral Health.

Brad has a passion for teaching Parents, Mental Health and School Professionals the importance of helping children develop healthy Self-regulation skills. He continues to create innovative strategies utilizing technology to engage children in the process. Brad believes that Self-regulation provides an Easy-to-learn and Easy-to-implement framework for addressing many of the problem areas children and families experience including ADHD, Anger/Behavior Problems, Academic issues, Social/Emotional problems, Spectrum Disorders, Anxiety/Depression, etc.

Comments from Participants:

"You have a gift for filtering through all of the information out there and breaking it down into something that is useful and makes sense."

"Great information for those of us on the front lines."

-Please contact Brad if you would like to discuss The Challenge Software Program, or the possibility of him coming to give a Presentation in your area. Visit for more information.

Brad also provides Consultation Services for School Districts and Healthcare Organizations looking to streamline and improve continuity of services to get maximum results with an emphasis on Evidence-based intervention and Efficiency. The Self-regulation Training Framework is consistent with RTI and Positive Behavior Supports.


Short clip of Brad speaking on Self-Regulation and Academic Performance: