Saturday, May 19, 2012

Self-regulation Training Program Indicates Significant Results in School Classrooms

The Self-regulation Training Program, outlined in the new book Helping Young People Learn Self-regulation, is gaining a great deal of support from mental health professionals, school administrators, teachers and parents.

The program was implemented in two 4th grade classrooms, two 1st grade classrooms and two Kindergarten classrooms. The results were exceptional. There were significant improvements as reported by the student questionnaires and the teacher rating scales. There was also an 83% reduction in Office Discipline Referrals. Additionally, the comments from the teachers regarding the impact of the program on their own teaching style and interactions with students was extremely encouraging. Click here  for the 4th grade results summary.

This program is currently being adopted by schools districts as a common core set of skills that can be easily taught in the classroom and can have an impact on several behavioral and academic issues. Schools and mental health agencies can use this one framework to address many different areas including academic performance, behavior problems, social/emotional and mental health issues.

The book containing the curriculum is available from Youthlight Publishing at

Please contact Brad Chapin for more information about a presentation in your area.

Brad Chapin, LCP, LMLP


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