Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's Not Too Late: Helping Teens Learn Self-Regulation

The teenage years present unique challenges for self-regulation. There are major physiological changes occurring, a capacity for more complex emotions and relationships, increased pressures, the task of establishing our identity and working toward independence just to name a few.

Given the significant impact of the Self-Regulation Training System (SRTS) with elementary-age children, it was a natural next step to reach out to teenagers. Research indicates that self-regulation skills predict academic success, healthy social relationships, wellness, happiness, the absence of mental health issues, and college success. Those who regulate well are generally more pro-active in their approach to life, while those who regulate poorly are generally more reactive.

Brad Chapin, best-selling author of "Helping Young People Learn Self-Regulation," recently released the highly anticipated strategy guide for helping teens learn these skills that are so critical for success. Consistent with the SRTS, self-regulation skills are broken into three areas:
  • Physical - Recognizing physical warning signs to upset and learning to get calm and safe
  • Emotional - Accurately identifying feelings; learning to express them in healthy ways; understanding that we are in control of our own feelings and that nothing/nobody can make you feel a certain way
  • Cognitive - Learning to identify and challenge unhealthy/extreme thinking; learning to get our needs met in healthy ways; basic problem-solving and planning
Click here for more information about to get your copy of the new strategy guide.
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